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The following are some frequently asked questions to assist you in the process.


1. How much does it cost? Depending on the waste type, size of the dumpster, frequency of service and length of rental, costs will vary. Please call us at 770-900-0243 for a firm price.


2. What is your service area? We serve all of metro-Atlanta.


3. What size dumpster do I need? There's no perfect way to choose dumpster sizes, but the following chart should help you get a good idea of your needs. Currently, we carry 15 and 20 yard containers, 16' in length.


Peeps Dumpster Sizing Chart


4. How much notice do I need to give when ordering my dumpster? We are usually able to deliver a dumpster within 24 hours of ordering. However, we do suggest you order as far in advance as possible.

5. How do I know if I need a Permit?
In most cases, we can tell you if you need a permit. Each city within each county has differing expectations in regard to permits required for placing a dumpster on public or private land. To ensure you are aware of the expectation, time frame and cost required for arranging any necessary permits, you should contact your local zoning and permits office and they will be able to provide you with this information.

How high can I fill the dumpster? Generally, dumpsters can be filled level to the top. However, when disposing of exceptionally heavy materials such as concrete, soil, etc... weight restrictions will apply and you should discuss this directly with Peeps.


7. What waste do you accept? Construction and household debris, stump and brush, etc... We do not accept concrete or dirt / soil or hazardous materials such as asbestos. If you have a question regarding your specific needs, please call us at 770-900-0243.


8. How wide should my driveway be? At least 10 feet wide.


9. How long is the dumpster rental? The container rental is for 7 days.


10. How do I pay? At Peeps, we accept cash, check and most forms of credit card payments.












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